Aviation Consulting & Engineering Solutions for Airports
With expertise in geographical information, Haritaevi collects and analyzes reliable data, and delivers them in any format you like including AIP publications or charts.
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Aerodrome Data

Aerodromes are living organisms and produces vast amount of data. Collecting, storing and publishing some of this data correctly is crucial to sustain the safety of the operations.

Haritaevi, with its expertise in Geo-information, collects reliable data with high precision and accuracy.

Data for AIP

As well as collecting obstacle data, we collect any geographical data to be published in the AIP.

Terrain and Obstacle Data

To design new procedures in order to sustain the existing and develop new ones, obstacle and terrain data is utmost importance.

Haritaevi with more than a decade of experience on surveying technologies offers complete solutions in this field.

We collect and present the data you need by using the latest technologies in alignment with the international aeronautical standards.