Aviation Consulting & Engineering Solutions for Airports
Haritaevi provides high-quality simulation solutions with the software CAST for airport terminals on the ground.
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Bus stations, train stations, and airports must occasionally exceed their operational capacity. The decisions, plans, and predictions made for such a structure during the design process fail to meet the requirements in a timely manner once the structure is in use.

An airport is a place that necessitates a significant investment. When an airport is operational, there may be operational restrictions in the design and planning. Simulation technologies help you protect your investments from risk and analyze and plan beyond any constraints.

The primary goals of airport traffic forecasts and simulations in planned or operational airports are to reduce congestion, save time, increase efficiency and revenue, and provide users with adequate capacity.

Based on statistical distributions, simulation is a set of methods for analyzing and modeling various scenarios and relationships between units and variables. The process of creating an abstract model in a computer environment to represent the reality of an airport is known as “Airport Simulation”.

Airport efficiency is more important than ever, as security and labor costs continue to rise year after year. Successful airport authorities must ensure that the costs of personnel, equipment and new technologies are considered and optimized. In essence, an airport simulation provides a low-cost and risk-free way to test your existing terminal layout and security areas in order to meet passenger terminal targets at the lowest possible cost and security risk.


CAST is a scalable and modular aviation software solution that includes simulation, allocation, and optimization systems for pedestrian, vehicle, and aircraft traffic, as well as process models for landside, terminal, airside, and airspace. Using CAST reduces the cost of investments and operations, accelerates decision-making and planning processes, and promotes smooth, safe, and on-time operations.

ARC (Airport Research Center) GmbH is a global independent provider of professional airport and aviation consultancy services, including planning and decision support. CAST is a customized software suite of services developed and powered by ARC that allows you to control and optimize terminal resources and processes while taking customer requirements and an airport’s unique situation into account.


Using CAST lowers the cost of investments and operations, speeds up decision-making and planning processes, and promotes smooth, safe, and on-time operations. CAST solutions cover strategic and tactical planning, as well as operational and real-time optimization, in a seamless manner.

Among other advantages, it enables you to:

  • Plan an efficient and well-balanced terminal infrastructure.
  • Conduct a level of service analysis to maximize passenger comfort.
  • Determine the most cost-effective and effective operational concept.
  • Assistance with tactical and strategic decision-making in airport operations and management.
  • Perform capacity analysis and optimization.
  • Compare alternative routing and operational procedures.
  • Model your system quickly and accurately in a code-free environment by using customizable objects.
  • Test your ideas in a simple 3D environment without making any concessions.



CAST solutions include modules for real-time forecast-based airport management, such as operational and real-time optimization and strategic and tactical planning.

  • CAST Terminal Simulation,
  • CAST Aircraft Simulation,
  • CAST Stand & Gate Allocation,
  • CAST Vehicle Ground Handling,
  • CAST Vehicle Landside,
  • CAST Express Simulation.


Haritaevi is the supplier of terminal capacity simulation software for the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI), which builds and operates the majority of Turkey’s airports. With the application it created for Trabzon Airport, our team had firsthand experience with the airport simulation program CAST. The original drawings of the domestic and international terminals to be used in the scope of the study have been organized for use in CAST software in the CAD environment. The simulation flow chart was created using real flight and passenger data, as well as various scenario techniques. Densities and jams were observed in the studies on the analysis modules, and the terminals were interpreted based on the outputs produced by these modules. Depending on the scenario, the flowcharts, passenger profiles, density of non-travelers, and so on can be modified and improved. You can learn more about our work by watching the video below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to obtain simulation software, buy simulation service or if you have any questions in order to increase airport efficiency and improve the airport. Our experts will be pleased to respond as soon as possible.