Aviation Consulting & Engineering Solutions for Airports
Haritaevi offers surveying and reporting services for Airports regarding compliance audits and ICAO Annex 14 standards.
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Airport Safety Audit


A flight begins and ends at an airport, and this fact alone emphasizes the importance of airport safety. Hundreds of standards and practices are in place to ensure this. Annex 14 outlines the standards and best practices. Countries’ national civil aviation authorities may also create their own regulations. The question is, is your airport in compliance with these regulations? Are there any safe bridges?

Haritaevi Safety Audit provides a one-of-a-kind methodology to ensure this.

Regular inspections are a necessary part of an airport’s lifecycle. These inspections are required to ensure that operations continue to be safe. However, airport operators and civil aviation authorities face numerous challenges.

  • Considering the number of SARPs to follow and inspect, each inspection consumes valuable time, as every second counts during an airport’s operational hours.
  • Some of the standards necessitate the use of specialized equipment to measure slope changes and check visibility conditions. Employing this equipment and specialized personnel is generally expensive for airports.
  • Haritaevi Safety Audit Provides an All-Inclusive Approach to Airport Inspection: Airport Physical Characteristics and Standards.

Minimum Interruption

 “HASR” employs the power of UAVs to collect all the data with minimum interruption. It is possible to collect all the necessary data for a maximum of 2 hours per RWY.

Precise and Accurate

We collect high-resolution data with minimum operational interruption. Thousands of aerial photographs make it possible to detect anomalies even at the centimeter level. Latest photogrammetric technologies are used to obtain reliable, precise and accurate data to allow a complete Safety Inspection.

Tailored to your needs

HASR can be tailored to specific topics such as markings, lightings, obstacle limitation surfaces etc. It is also easily adaptable to local regulations.

Detailed Documentation

Safety Audit offers traceable, readable and clean documentation for the reviewed standards.

Less time is spent on site, more at the office.

With the help of the latest data acquisition technologies, the whole idea of inspections is changing. It is now possible to bring the airport to the office. After gathering all the data, it is now safe to spend enough time examining the airport. Our multi-disciplinary team examines the airport with intensive care and offers complete diagnostics.