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Thank you for visiting the HARITAEVI website.

The following rules and terms of use apply to your access to the HARITAEVI Website, your use of the HARITAEVI Website and your actions on the website. You also agree to be bound by the rules and terms specified below when you take action for products and services provided by HARITAEVI through HARITAEVI Communication Channels or 3rd parties assigned by HARITAEVI. Please read the rules and terms below carefully before using the HARITAEVI Website.

A. HARITAEVI has any and all property rights of and right to use the HARITAEVI Website. HARITAEVI may time to time modify any information and/or content on the HARITAEVI Website, including but not limited to the General Rules and Privacy Rules, without prior notice and any such modification shall be effective as of its publication.

B. The information on the HARITAEVI Website and any property rights, visual and audio contents and their presentation and page layout, whether considered in this respect or not, the domains enabling access to the HARITAEVI Website, the databases and software codes related to the HARITAEVI Website are the property of HARITAEVI or they are used under the right to use obtained by HARITAEVI from third parties. Except for purposes under legal protection, it is prohibited to copy, reproduce or distribute the information, contents, design or data specified above, or modified versions of the same, without prior written consent of HARITAEVI.

C.  HARITAEVI regularly checks the information contained on the Website for accuracy and currency. However, the information on the HARITAEVI Website may be outdated, or interpreted and/or implemented differently. HARITAEVI does not make any additional commitment with respect to updating the information.

D. The HARITAEVI Website may contain some links to third party websites. HARITAEVI does not make any explicit or implicit commitments regarding accuracy or currency of any information or content provided on such linked websites, its fitness for a particular purpose, or its consistency with any other information provided on the HARITAEVI Website or on any other media.

E.  For any action you take on or through the HARITAEVI Website, you are required to strictly follow the steps as described on the relevant pages. HARITAEVI assumes no responsibility for any trouble caused by your incorrect or erroneous conduct of any kind in this respect.

F. Your access to and use of the HARITAEVI Website, including your actions on the Website, shall be subject to the requirements specified in the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy under HARITAEVI’s Privacy Rules, and other rules and terms set forth in HARITAEVI’s General Rules, as well as the rules specified above. These regulations are integral part of your purchase or use of any product or service provided by HARITAEVI and of the contract of carriage. Unless otherwise specified herein, any dispute concerning your access to, use of or actions on the HARITAEVI Website shall be governed by the Turkish law and referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and enforcement offices of Ankara. In case of any dispute, the records kept by HARITAEVI shall constitute written evidence between the parties to the dispute as per Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

G. HARITAEVI’s General Rules are in Turkish language. HARITAEVI may publish translated versions of the General Rules in different languages for ease of use, in which case, for any discrepancy or doubt in meaning or interpretation between the Turkish version and a translated version, the Turkish version shall prevail over the translated version.