Aviation Consulting & Engineering Solutions for Airports
Haritaevi offers risk Analysis and Aeronautical studies for buildings around the airports, wind power plants, related to all structures or projects, OLS, PANS-OPS, CNS and Total Risk Analysis!
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Aeronautical Studies and Shielding Applications


Airspace around the airports are regulated by controlling surfaces determined by international and regional authorities, such as ICAO and FAA. However as cities grows, these surfaces might be infringed by the new developments within or outside of the airport.

The regulations are strict and restrictive but the cities are changing every day and new needs appear inevitably. However when a building, construction or development zone is infringing the control surfaces, if they are assessed to be safe and not compromising the safety of the air operations, they can be built or kept as they are.  This studies are called Aeronautical Studies.

Overall Approach and Solutions

An Aeronautical Study must consider all the aspects of the Air Operations starting from PANS-OPS criteria to CNS safeguarding to emergency situations such as one engine failures.

Since 2014, Haritaevi offers Aeronautical Studies within or outside the airports. By employing the certain expertise, we ensure to protect the safety of the air operations while considering the needs of the cities without blocking the development of the airport.

CNS Safeguarding and Simulation Studies

There are several Safeguarding surfaces regulating the airspace. Safeguarding of the Communication Navigation Surveillance equipment is another crucial aspect to ensure the safety and regularity of the air operations.

To assess effects of the new developments Haritaevi employs the latest simulation techniques and offers a tailored documentation to your needs.


There are exceptions specified by ICAO for Annex 14 OLS protection surfaces of airports.

Our company, in the scope of the SHT-HÇG instructions published by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in Turkey or of the MSB-HÇG instructions published by the Ministry of National Defense, makes shielding studies for individual parcels, blocks, neighborhoods or counties.

In this regard, we are able to provide solutions for large areas in Turkey, at the province, district, or neighborhood scale.

Cities growing safely, aviators flying safely.